The Joy Chasers Club

A monthly membership for those looking to live a Crazy, Bold life filled with self-care, growth, and of course, JOY!

Today, I choose Joy.

You've lived a full-life, right?

You checked every box...

You have the family, the car, the education, the house, the big-girl job...

Then why does it feel empty? Why does it feel "not enough"?


Because Joy is not a matter of circumstance.

Joy is internal.


You need to reconnect to the joy within.

To chase your crazy, bold dreams.

To create a life where the default setting isn't Fine. It's AWESOME.

Is this really ALL there is?

That was the question I kept asking myself sitting in my nice cushy office chair is my "cushy" corporate job. I had done all the things and yet, I still wasn't satisfied. I was looking at my life and realizing that it wasn't everything I had hoped and dreamed. 


So I changed careers...that didn't work!

So I changed locations...that didn't work!

Sooooo...I was out of ideas.


Then I realized that I was looking for these external things to make me happy. And that was NEVER going to work.


I had to shift my mindset and focus on what I truly, deeply wanted in my life. The truth is that my life was pretty fabulous, but all I kept looking at was what it wasn't, instead of what is was!


BOOM! Game Changer!


Once I found the secret to my joy, The Joy Equation, I realized that my life was filled with Crazy, Bold Dreams if I just had the courage to Chase Them.

Are you ready to chase your joy?



  • Chase your Joy Course

    This foundational course covers all of the steps of the Crazy, Bold Joy Process so you can realize what is holding you back from experiencing joy in your work and in your personal life. 

  • Calendars of Joy

    Download a monthly calendar to post at your desk, so that you can track your joy and stay inspired with ideas for daily joy activities.

  • Happier Happy Hours

    When did Happy Hours with friends become synonymous with complaining about work?! Not in the Joy Chaser Club. Our Happier Happy Hours focus on gratitude, excitement, and the small wins, all while having a glass of wine...or two.

  • Facebook Community

    None of us need to go on this journey alone. Jump into the Joy Chasers FB group and experience support, encouragement, and motivation on a daily basis.


  • Coaching Calls

    Our Monthly Coaching Calls allow you to ask questions and receive support so you can get the strategies you need to discover, ignite, and chase your joy. All from the comfort of your desk or smartphone.

  • Crazy, Bold Life Masterclass

    This Masterclass lays out the steps for pursuing your dreams, so you can confidently move forward and reach your goals. The workbook allows you to create a vision for a BOLD life that stretches from work to family and beyond.

AND (drumroll please)

...these great bonuses...

New Crazy, Bold Courses

As a Joy Chaser, you get access to all of our Crazy, Bold courses including these that are coming soon:

  • A Joy-FULL Marriage
  • Building Better Relationships
  • Crazy Bold Joy AT WORK
  • Crazy, Bold Dreaming

Choose Joy Intensives

Our Choose Joy Intensives are 2-day experiences where we dive into your unique situation and how to develop a plan for joy that works for your life. These are live events held every two months in Mansfield, Texas. As a Joy Chaser, you will have early access to tickets and steep discounts.

Swag and Merch

Who doesn't love a great jean jacket, coffee cup for the office, or gratitude journal that reminds them to chase their joy?! Nobody. Exactly. You know you want one and as a Joy Chaser you will get first access and deep discounts on all merch and swag.

The Joy Chasers Club is

perfect for you if...

  • You are feeling overwhelmed by all your commitments and often wonder what happened to your dreams.

  • You are tired of hitting the pause button on your life and your goals to suit others.

  • You know that you are a passionate person, but somehow you can't find that "thing"....that passion or purpose.

  • You are tired of feeling stuck at work. You have a job that you enjoy but have lost that "lovin feelin".

  • You want to be surrounded by people who support and encourage your dreams. People who support your joy.

      Let's hear from the Joy Chasers

      In all honesty, over the past year I have been feeling like I had lost a part of myself and needed to find what I lost. It has always been hard for me to put myself and my needs first. I feel that this workshop opened my eyes to certain areas in my life that truly make me happy and joyous.

      I felt like a reset button was hit, and I was inspired to dream can be something small and comes from within...a wonderful reminder that deep down inside, I do have joy and it's okay to use it!

       I appreciate you creating an accountability process for us along with all the questions and activities to find our true joy and our own wonderful joy list

      It feels so nice to have a group that supports my crazy, bold dreams...especially when my family doesn't really understand. I know my Joy Chasers are there for me.

      Will you choose JOY?

      If you are ready to stop playing small.

      If you are ready to step into a CRAZY, BOLD life.

      Click below and become a JOY CHASER Today!


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      30 Days


      We know you will be 100% satisfied with this investment in YOUR JOY. However, if for any reason you aren't satisfied within the first 30 days of purchase, just send us a message and we will refund your money. No questions asked. No hoops to jump through.

      What have you got to lose?

      Dr. Stevie Dawn

      CEO, Stevie Dawn Inspires, LLC

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