It's time for your life to be...


Ignite your passion.

Breakthrough your obstacles.

Spark your joy.


Join us for this FREE 1-Day transformational experience and unlock your AWESOMENESS!


AUGUST 28th, 2020!


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One Day or Day One...

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?


You have done all the things that society tells you to do...


Yet, you still don't feel Happy? Complete? Content?


You have this nagging feeling that something is holding you back...


Now is the time to decide.


The life you want - the one filled with purpose and success - is out there. It is simply waiting for you to claim it. 


The biggest lie you can tell yourself is that "life happens to me". The truth is that "life happens for you". You just have to  be willing to answer when opportunity knocks, to know what makes you happy, to make sure your definition of success works for YOU and nobody else.


It is time to stop living based on other's expectations.

It is time to live a life that defies expectation.


One Day or Day One...The choice is yours.

Your New Life Begins...Friday, August 28, 2020

What you get with ABD?

Reach new levels of SUCCESS you never thought possible.

Get ready to welcome Dr. Stevie Dawn and the power of her work into your home...

Learn the steps you must take to ACHIEVE your DREAMS through her Chasing Joy methodology.


Ignite your excitement through the member portal so you are fully PREPARED to change your life.


Engage with other ABD attendees in the private Facebook group and make CONNECTIONS that will last forever.


Take control of your life and spark your success in this 1-day transformational event.

What makes ABD so incredible?

The power to breakthrough your limitations.

How to overcome other people's expectations.

Create the life you have always desired.

And to make sure you achieve every goal you set for yourself, ABD comes with pre-work. (I know. I know. It doesn't sound like fun...) But, here's the deal...When you register for ABD you will receive access to our member portal. This is where you will find pre-event activities and videos to get you ready to get the MOST out of our time together on August 28th, 2020. This work will start you on the path NOW, by delivering life-changing success content that will prepare you to truly live an AWESOME life.


In our time together, you'll discover the power to overcome your obstacles and limitations, to face life challenges with new zest, to chase your joy above and beyond everything else, and create the life of your dreams. 


And to make sure you get the absolute MOST out of this event, check out the member portal for pre-event activities and guidance...AND make sure to connect in our private Facebook group. You will connect with other people carving a new path in their life. You will be able to meet the speakers before the event. You will be able to participate in challenges and giveaways that are open only to those connected in our FB group.


Now is the time to crush your goals. To live life on your own terms. To write your OWN permission slip to achieve the life you desire.

The Tools and Techniques to

Change your Life...

>Identify and remove the obstacles that are holding you back from a FULL life.


>Master Dr. Stevie Dawn's Chasing Joy Methodology to accelerate your success.


>Eliminate the stress and overwhelm that you feel on a daily basis with coping skills and strategies.


>Cultivate energy and passion through clarity of purpose.


>Overcome the criticism in your head through healing past trauma and re-imagining your future.


>Defy expectations by living a life you create.

and much more!!

Learn from the BEST...












Dr. Stevie Dawn

Chaser of Joy


Dr. Stevie Dawn serves as CEO of Stevie Dawn Inspires, a platform dedicated to helping people discover, reignite, and chase their JOY in all parts of their life.


Whether helping employees learn how to find more joy at work or helping individuals create a life filled with joy, Stevie Dawn delivers training with humor, energy, and motivation. She brings a variety of experience in the corporate, non-profit, and governmental sectors. 


Her educational background includes a master’s degree in sociology from Wichita State University and a doctorate in leadership from Colorado State University.


With over 20 years of teaching and training experience, Dr. Stevie Dawn uses her educational background and knowledge of human behavior to create content that is immediately applicable in people’s lives.

Becka Tasetano

Mistress of Ceremonies

Tracy Staten

Living in the Moment

Justina Ingram

Overcoming Anxiety

Donnie Boivin

Champion of Success

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

  • What is the cost?

    Absolutely Nothing! This is a completely FREE Event. You get the training, limited time access to the video replays, and access to the private Facebook Group...everything for FREE!

  • How do I access the event LIVE?

    The event will be held over Zoom. Prior to the event starting you will receive a link with access instructions. Zoom is a free software so while you will have to download the program, it has no cost.

  • What if I can't stay all day?

    I get it. It's a big commitment. While I really want to encourage you to take this time for YOURSELF, if you have to miss a section, you will have access to the recording afterwards.

  • Will I be able to meet other participants?

    YES! Part of the greatness of this event is the ability to connect to other participants. You will not only be able to connect on the day of but also through the private Facebook group.